Taxify, a top ride sharing service in Africa is will be launching in Nigeria very soon. The taxi company from eastern Europe is presently operational in about 15 countries and will be launching in Nigeria on November 18, 2016.

Taxify is currently present in four cities on the African continent, it made its first entrance into the African market in Johannesburg, South Africa, after that it launched in Nairobi-Kenya then Accra. Lagos will make it the fifth.

According to the Operations Manager, Taxify Nigeria, Uche Okafor, “Riders are ensured of the best experience using Taxify as their rides are handled by happier partners which ultimately leads to a better service delivery to riders. We believe the bulk of the earnings of a trip should go to vehicle owner amidst the rising cost of maintaining and fueling the vehicle.”

Taxify promises to make its services 30% cheaper than its competitors while ensuring that the drivers earn as much as 15% more than the next competitor. Individuals who are interested in becoming drivers for taxify can register here. Users can also download the app which is available on iOS and Android platforms.

The introduction of taxify will bring the total number of on-deman taxi services to 15, its also interesting that taxify is not the only ride sharing service to show interest in Nigeria, Safaricom’s ‘Little’ is scheduled to make an entrance early next year. The introduction of these services to compete with uber should drive down prices, theoritically speaking. But let’s see what happens.

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