Hello! I got inspired to write this review after my last tooth
paste got exhausted(I’ll tell you the brand later). And right now, I
am still a bit undecided on what my next move should be. Should I
stick with my chealsea blue or switch to the hot red. Well, in case
you are still guessing, my last tooth paste was Oral B.

Before I start, I would like to make things clear, this post
is supposed to be unbiased, and it will be. No emotions, no
sentiments. Second, I am not a big fan of either of Oral B or Close
Up. My first choice is Macleans followed by Dabur Herbal.

But let’s look at it from this angle, in the Nigerian market
now we have CloseUp, Macleans, Dabur, MyMy and Oral B. Atleast these
are the bad guys. And CloseUp has always been at the top of the
pyramid, having been introduced almost four decades ago. Forget my
effizy, I grew up with CloseUp and millions of Nigerians did too, and
I know that millions of Nigerian still believe in the closeUp tested
and trusted by their fathers before them.

CloseUp is a deep red jel paste from the stables of
Unilever Plc, containing zinc, sodium fluioride and glycerin. The
CloseUp herbal contains cleansing herbs like aloe lemon and thyme.
These ingredients are blended richly with minerals and micro crystals
that increase the efficiency of the cleaning. CloseUp comes at a
cheap price, in Nigeria it costs just about N240 to get the max sized

One pro-turn-con issue with CloseUp is that minty scent that
comes with using it. Yeah, nothing is better than replacing bad breath
and odour with some cool fresh scent. But must it be too strong? For
me, as far as no bad odour is associated with your mouth opening, I
see no reasons why your breath should be smelling like a mixture of
tom tom and Baba Blue candy in the mouth of a smoker. *Joke apart.

I can’t count the number of times I had to reach for alligator
pepper after using CloseUp, just so it wouldn’t be obvious I just
brushed my teeth.

It really gets worse when the excessive effect of sodium and
fluorine gets to your gums. It feels like they have been peeled off,
especially for people with soft gums. Then the mint flavour comes in
to add more discomfort in your gums.


This guy is quite good, though relatively new to the market, and it is
a mark or so cheaper than CloseUp. It’s active ingredients include-
sodium chloride and hydrated silica. One good thing with using this
product is the taste, that alone builds up your confidence and
expectation for a fresh breath. And your mouth wouldn’t smell all that
Oral B when you use it.


Oral B’s ability to keep your mouth fresh for long is still
questionable, compared to CloseUp. And then… It is just too rough on
the teeth. Oh! Did I say CloseUp was like an abrasive, this one feels
like scouring powder sprinkled inside paste. Careful with this guy, or
you could peel the life from your teeth. The coarse or rough effect is
a result of the hydrated silica in the paste, of which a better
replacement could be CloseUp’s micro crystals. Procter&Gamble should
know that dissolved silicate reacts negatively with the outer coating
of the teeth. The effect is that your enamel dissolves in the
reaction, leaving your teeth ‘naked’ and out in the cold.
But you don’t need to worry if you are gifted with some
strong, hard coated set of teeth.
Oral B readily is available in supermarkets and provision
stores around Nigeria. The price ranges from N200-N220. The smaller
medium tube costs about N100-N120.

Note: These pros and cons are based on reviews obtained from
individuals who use the products. Their effects may vary from
individual to individual. Please visit our disclaimer page for more

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