Payga, one of Nigeria’s foremost payment platforms recently announced that the had registered 5 million users on the platform. Established i n 2009 as Nigeria’s ‘PayPal’ and at a time even the most advanced tech savvy person preferred to queue up in a bank to deposit cash. Paga, after four years, has grown rapidly, especially in the past one year.

        In its four years of service paga has managed transactions in the tune of a billion dollars. Out of which, 800m dollars came in the past one year.  And according to the CEO Tayo Oviosu , paga’s employee base of 200 dedicated individuals has achieved the success with their determination.

     This post will be taking a brief review on the platform, its approach to transactions, strengths and weaknesses.

    PAGA is very much similar to PayPal, it is an online payment gateway that takes off the hassles of bank transactions from your shoulders. You don’t have to go to a bank anymore to deposit or make transfers, and of course their online payment platform is a better option the platforms owned by banks.

 Paga’s success has been a result of its network of agents and its online e-transaction platform. Paga has recently eliminated the need to fund your account through bank deposit. You can now simply perform transactions right from your debit card(compatible with any debit card). But if you still for any reason  want to fund your paga account there are two options available.

Method 1: Fund from your bank debit card.
      Paga’s integrated automated payment wheels allows you to fund your account from your banks debit card. Cards allowed are Visa, Master and verve cards.

Method 2: Paga Agent: Go to a nearby Paga agent anywhere you see a PAGA sign and request a deposit cash transaction. You will have to remain at the agent office until you receive an SMS confirming a successful transaction.

       During its early days, funding was a bit of a problem for users, and there were complaints of failed transactions without refund, notifications taking too long, Paga being unable to rectify its customers’ problems with the banks involved, leaving the customers to sort themselves. But an increase in user base as expected has probablu made them more responsible. Those issues are gradually being resolved and their online customer care service has improved too.

    Paga also integrates with other services, enabling you to pay cable bills, pay merchants and recharge your mobile airtime.

     However, apart from Lagos, where there agents are concentrated, Paga agents are very scarce. In fact in many other cities around Nigeria, the only option available for Paga transactions is the online platform, due to the unavailability of Paga agents. This is one area Paga should start concentrating on, after the 5 million user milestone. Expanding their services to other parts of Nigeria. We also have traders in other states who would love to deposit the day’s cashflow into their accounts by 11pm too.

      The android app is good, but needs to be worked on.

I experienced a rather unpleasant situation when I tried to register on the platform with the app which I downloaded here. It kept on telling me “unfortunately paga has stopped!” And there are similar complaints like this from other users. The app also seems to have issues with connectivity, there is always the issue of connecting to paga servers. And sometimes this annoying problem comes up in the middle of transactions. How does paga expect us to use the platform at anywhere when the app cannot be relied upon to perform tasks?

       Transaction Security

      Paga has put in a lot of innovative efforts to ensure the continuous safety of the transactions carried out by their users. Their response to fraud alerts are usually quick and helpful. Although transactions are made with your mobile phone, cash isn’t really physically stored on your device. So even if you lose your phone, berp rest assured that nobody has any access to your details. Your password, security image and security phrase is known only to you. They are encrypted and stored away in Paga’s servers, where employees can’t even access them. Your transaction PIN is also exclusive for you and not to be revealed to anyone. You can also be sure that nobody in Paga knows about it.

       “Paga offers extensive security features to ensure that canal transactions are conducted in a secure online or mobile environment. Our products are designed to protect the confidentiality of all customer and business accounts and the integrity of all transactions”. 

      Of the 5 million users, we yet don’t have available information on the number of active users. Comment if you’ve had any cause to use the platform. 

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