Do you prefer the soft feel of a liquid laundry detergent to the harsh effect of the powdered ones on your skin? Then Persil is a perfect choice. Persil is a powerful liquid detergent with an amazing cleaning power power even for tough fabrics like jeans.

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The good thing about the product is that it’s power doesn’t adversely affect the skin of whoever is using it. It doesn’t irritate the skin or itch or peel the skin. It’s power is concentrated on the stains on your fabric.

Another good thing about the product is that it doesn’t fade your brightly colored clothes. Unlike most powdered detergents that will gradually fade out the color of your favorite fabrics into the water, Persil laundry detergent doesn’t.


Persil liquid detergent is a heavy-duty laundry product that packs some heavy punches, and in Nigeria it is available in three main types.

  • Persil color liquid detergent
  • Persil Bio liquid detergent and..
  • Persil non-bio liquid detergent.
  • Persil powdered detergents (bio and non-bio)

Each Person product type has its own unique properties. And each servers a unique purpose. For example:

Persil color care liquid detergent

This is a powerful cleaning detergent that guarantees above average stain removal activity. At the same time, retain all the vibrance in your colored fabrics. Just like all Persil product, this particular one has a rather soft and pleasant scent and it is not harsh on the skin.

Persil non-bio liquid detergent

This is just as powerful as the one previously mentioned. The difference is that it doesn’t protect the color of your fabric as much as Persil color care. But it is softer on fabric than most other detergent brands. The ‘non-bio’ tag is there because it doesn’t contain those organic enzymes and catalysts that speed up the process of stain removal. In place of these enzymes and bio-agents, it has powerful cleaning ingredients added to it that are just as good as the enzymes.

Persil bio liquid detergent

Much like the non-bio. The difference here is that this one is bio. Yeah, it has those organic enzymes and catalysts that speed up cleaning.

The difference between a bio detergent and a non-bio detergent is that, the enzymes and bio-agents in the bio detergent might clean very well, but some people may actually react to them. Especially after the clothes they have been used on are dry and are worn by people. If these people have certain skin types that react to bio-agents, they might feel an instant irritation or itch. Well this rare anyway. But it is important you know, as this will help you make an informed decision on your choice of detergent.

Apart from the tag which is body written on the wrapper. All Persil bio product are green and all Persil non-bio products are blue.  That’s how you tell the difference.

Persil washing powders

Laundry powders are popular, they have stood the test of time and families don’t joke with their favorite brand of laundry powder.

Persil laundry powder is just as good as the liquid detergent. More like the liquid detergent in a powdered form. For people who prefer to see powder dissolve in water to clean out all stains.

Persil laundry powder comes in a variety of types just like the liquid . Color care, bio and non bio. 

Just like the liquid detergent, it’s cool, the color care type protects the bright colors of your fabric. The powder isn’t harsh on your skin, well, except for skin types that are extra sensitive to bio-agents. But from what the brand claims, it might even be very kind to open wounds and sores, even eczema.

Power Capsules, tablets and gems

There are also other types, but these types are very rare in Nigeria. They work the same way anyway. Just that the power is concentrated into some objects that dissolve in easily water. The powerCaps are in capsule form and all you have to do is pop the capsules into water or the back of a laundry machine and you’re good to go. The tablets are are more like drug tablets that dissolve in water, much like the capsules too.

Persil power tablet

The gems are small crystalline pellets that pack as much power as the liquid detergent. Powerful gems are very effective for cleaning out grease and oil stains with one stroke.

The Capsule

Persil products are produced mainly by Unilever and Henkel. But mainly by Unilever. Persil products are readily available in Nigeria. Especially the liquid detergent and the powdered one too and they are cheap. I don’t really want to talk about the price here but it would be better to ho check it out at stores around you and get the price. The price and availability  varies a lot. So that is it, I hope you found this review helpful. Please follow me on Twitter for more posts like this.


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