All of a sudden you have  just discovered that your smartphone’s camera is now taking photos that are blurred of fudgy in an irksome way. Well, if you’re very sure that out of the box, your phone once had an impressive camera, but all of a sudden you ant understand why the camera isn’t what it used to be then read on… You could actually solve the problem yourself.

First make sure the camera WAS good

Some low-budget phones come with terrible camera lenses straight from the manufacturer. In that case, you can’t do much except go for a better phone. Anyway, hardware is becoming quite cheap and camera parts of higher quality can now be forced into cheaper phones. So getting a good, cheap phone with a nice camera may not be an issue.

But what if…

Your lens is messed up with fingerprints

This is quite common. Even with an iPhone X or Samsung Galaxy S9, having fingerprints or dirt smudges all over your camera lens will do nothing but interfer with the light that your camera sesnor should ‘see’. So… It’s a no-brainer. Get a clean cloth or soft tissue, DON’T WET the cloth. Gently wipe the lens.


There is so much dust behind the lens

Another bring problem. Sometimes your phone could have ‘slim’ openings around the camera module that could allow fine dust and dirt to get behind your lens. Well… This may not be easily fixed up by you, except you’re good enough to take apart the phone and thoroughly clean the camera sensor and lens from inside-out.

A rare problem

Maybe your camera doesn’t have an optical image stabilizer. An OIS helps you take clear photos even when your hands are not firm and steady on the camera. It is just part of your camera and without it, it would be almost impossible to take a very clear shot with blurred edges. Most smartphone’s come with an OIS attached to their cameras anyway. The list includes a lot of budget phones. But just in case you might just try checking the specs of your phone to see if it comes with an image stabilizer.

Almost forgot..

Another thing could be scratches on your lens cover. This problem is usually common for phones with a camera bump. That is the camera parts is slight elevated, pushing try camera lens cover out against surfaces. If you don’t use a phone cover, scratches may start appearing. Just tiny scratches,but they accumulate to cause the effect of one big scratch. Several blurred areas in your photo. Just imagine looking through a pair of glasses with scratches all over the lens. To solve this, change the camera lens cover if you can or change the whole back cover.

Apart from these…

Maybe your phone has developed some hardware problem. If your phone still has a hardware warranty, I would suggest you send it back to the manufacturer to get a fix, or maybe get a new phone.

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