Hey! Good morning! How’s it been? Well, I haven’t been around for a while, so I just decided to drop by and… I won’t leave without writing a piece. So? Hey! I’m talking to the men, how do you shave? I remember a while ago I talked about bumps. Are you still having them?

Or maybe you’ve just decided that enough is enough and you’re tired of having rough looking jaws. Let me guess… You’re making plans to get a shaving cream. Huh? Now that’s a wonderful, but do you know that a shaving cream isn’t the only option you have? I mean, there others, including shaving, shaving soap, shaving gel. Nut I’m not trying to change your mind, not with this post. Let’s talk about the shaving cream.

Picking the right shaving cream is quite easy. All you need to know is how sensitive your skin is and how tough your beards. It’s that simple. Now the problem, you do get all this on your first try(except your lucky). You might need to try a lot of nice products from the shelves.

A good shaving simply does one thing- It gives your razor a nice, smooth ride on around your jaws. Now how does it pull that stunt? It makes sure that those razors, manual, electric, gas-powered or whatever do not have direct contact with your hair well enough to nick it. Now let’s break it down. The cream gets into your pores and softens the hair, making it easier for your razor to brush the hair away without cutting up your face.

Now, the efficiency of a shaving cream has nothing to do with the amount of lather(foam). Infact the more the foam, the more reason you have to leave that cream on the shelf where it belongs. Anything that is not in direct contact with you skin and has little oil in it is not necessary at all. So stick with the oil and leave the lather.

Well, shaving cream, most of the brands I know anyway, usually have some alcohol content in them. Now this might itch or irritate your skin. If this continues to happen, please stop using that product. It doesn’t really happen to everyone though.

Don’t use shaving cream with blunt razors and please don’t make the mistake of adding raw alcohol to your shaving shaving. Shave before a bath and try to rub some warm water into your face before shaving.

So that is it for today! I hope you like this post. Please don’t hesitate to share with friends. Have a nice day!

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