Its a normal thing for people to spend more on what the spend their time doing, since we spend a good portion of our lives on our beds, it definitely means that being skimpy with our mattress quality could be detrimental to your health. Everyone needs a good sleep, and only a good mattress can ensure some healthy sleep time. But how do you pick a good mattress and fit it into your budget, yet get some good sleep each time you hit the sack? I have these tips…

First make a budget and stick to it

        Don’t expect to find just one particular brand of mattresses at the mattress store, and don’t expect to find a couple of types with the same price. You will definitely be faced with a wide range of confusing choices which mattress stores will want to use to squeeze money out of you. Do your research, ask people the brands they use, the type of mattress and how much it cost them. You could even go ahead to visit the particular store where they got theirs. Just too make sure you don’t spend much more than you would have loved to and end up feeling cheated.

Understand what type of mattress is best for you.

       Mattress dealers and manufacturers may have dozens of confusing names for the mattresses they stock, but there are actually just a few types.

1. Firm mattresses

         Most times you would find tags and labels written on mattresses imcluding : firm,plush, ultra firm etc. These are all flat mattresses built for maximum support and with less padding. The plush-firm mattresses are made by arranging some soft pillows underneath a layer of the mattress to sort of reduce the ‘hardness’. Firm mattresses usually have edge support(these types are more expensive). The firmness of a mattress is rated on a scale of 1-10. 10 is used for the hardest kind, firm mattresses are best for people who experience frequent back pain. The even surface ensures the proper alignment of your spine and back muscles.

2. Soft Mattresses

        These mattresses have more layers of cushioning foam on the bed springs. More layers means more comfort and a higher level of softness. Soft mattresses usually fall between 4-5 on the firmness scale. And they are usually 7 or more inches high. But not more than 13 inches.

3. Ultra soft mattresses.

         Sometimes called ‘plush’, this type of mattress is the softest on the scale. It is padded lavishly with foam and wouldn’t be the best for you if you experience back pain. In fact they can be a major source if discomfort of you’re are experiencing any kind of muscular pain or spasms. A lot of foam brings a lot of insulation (heating up), so this foam could really help out on a cold night.

4. Memory Foam

          Strange name, but it actually has nothing to do with what the mattress does. Memory mattress is the name given to mattresses or foams that ‘mold up’ around you when your body when lie on them. The essentially apply even pressure all over your body, in other words you actually sink into them. They fall within the medium range firm scale. And they are known to heat up during the course of the night. Making the! A poor choice if you need a cold surface to sleep on.

What Experts say…

Individual body weight

        Not all mattress suit everyone. Body weight plays a major role in determine the best mattress for you. So scale up and find out. People who weigh less than 120 pounds are adviced to go for plush mattresses. Well except you have a low back pain or neck pain. People who weigh above 120 pounds and up to 200 pounds should go for medium-firm mattresses. And any weight above 220 should go for the really firm ones. Alternatively, overweight people who do not like overly-firm mattresses could put a memory foam layer on the firm mattress.

Couple or Single?

      This is another question, striking a balance here could be a bit tricky. Your partner may not just like the foam that would suit you, so the right choice has to be carefully made. You should also consider size too. To make sure couples don’t get in the way of each other when sleeping, king-size and queen-sized beds are advised. Of course a memory foam won’t be good here. Memory foams serve better when its just one person on the bed.

Finally, Edge support…

      Edge support, this is the part a lot of people overlook when getting their foam. And until recent years I really never understood its importance. So what is this edge support, it is just a little finishing touch that ensures you don’t frequently ‘roll-off’ the bed. Good edge support is spread evenly from edge to edge and from corner to corner, it can be provided by several mechanisms including adding more ‘tougher’ foam to the edges, adding coil springs to provide a resistive and bouncy effect etc. Read more on edge support. 

Plan, analyze, select. This are the three words that would summarize this post. First find out what type of foam will work for you and what wouldn’t, make a budget based on your price research, stick to that budget, brand and type. Go ahead and buy! Have a nice day!😁


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