I’m a big lover of creamy, tasty biscuits. I love biscuits more than I love beef rolls and don’t blame me, I grew up eating biscuits not less than 5 times a week.๐Ÿ˜€ So there is this biscuit that has been my favourite for four years now, the biscuit is from OK Foods: PICNIC. The biscuit makes a lot of tasty sense๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚. I’ll tell you why.

Picnic milky biscuit from OK foods is a brown cream-baked biscuit that that has a rich filling of a blend of cream and sugar. Its very tasty but not too sugary. It has heavy energy content, malt extract and a unique vanilla flavour. If you’re the kind of vanilla-taste loving person that I am then you won’t be making a mistake if you pick this snack from a store.

Picnic milky biscuit is very affordable, has considerable quantity per pack (12 sticks). You can get for as low as N30, I have one right beside me that cost me that. But depending on location, it shouldn’t be more than N50. One cool thing about the snack is its availability, you won’t need to look hard to find it in any state.


The snack has a rich blend of unique ingredients for energy and nutrition. It can be taken with soft drink, water, tea, coffee or just enjoyed alone.

Flour, sugar, vegetable fat, malt extracts, liquid glucose, syrup, ammonium bi-carbonate, milk solids, Salt, sodium bicarbonate, soya lecithin, vanilla flavour, sodium meta-bi sulphate.


PICNIC milky shortcake biscuits weighs a flat 50g, its wrapped in a deep red packer. Each pack has twelve sticks of the biscuit in it.



PICNIC milky shortcake biscuits is manufactured by OK Foods LTD. Located along Block C, Fatal Atere way, Matori, Mushin, Lagos, Nigeria.

Picnic biscuits is my favourite biscuit below N50. And it should still remain the same till I taste another one that is better. I will recommend it as the right snack for a little kids juice/caprisonne.

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