When you are in need of a powerful, ready-to-use packaged
insecticide for use in clearing of those troublesome flying insects,
try Raid insecticide. Raid is manufactured by a well known house-hold
company named SC Johnson, and the Raid brand under which are other
anti-insect products is the most successful insect control brand.

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The things that makes this Raid insecticide an insect killer are the
active ingredients, d-phenothrin and Prallethrin. D-phenothrin is a
lethal weapon against insecticide developed in the early ’70s. It
works by disrupting the nervous system of insects, knocking them
unconscious and killing them with milli-seconds. This chemical is
almost non-toxic to humans and larger animals, but is very deadly for
insects, smaller animals(rats and rodents), fishes and snakes too.

Pralletrin is a newer but common insecticide too. Very effective
for controlling larger insects. In addition, Raid contains Sodium
nitrite, this doubles the power of the main insecticide ingredients.

One good thing with this water based insecticide is that it can
be used anywhere, indoor and outdoor. Its formulation means it can
kill all life stages of insects, from eggs to adult, bringing down the
population for a long time.

When applying this insecticide, spray directly into infested
places. Those areas where the insects gather and then spread out. When
spraying outdoors, ensure the weather is clear, no rain and no strong
winds, as this will aid the insecticide function properly within a
specified space.

When using indoors, clear off infants, food, fish and pets
from the area, spray and then leave the insecticide to ‘sit’ there for
20 minutes. Ensure you do not inhale or allow infants or your pets to
inhale the insecticide. Leave the area as soon as you spray. Before
you inhabit the treated area again, open up windows, to clear off


When applying, use safety gloves, goggles and cover your nose, this
will prevent the insecticide from coming in contact with your skin.
Your skin pores should not absorb the chemical.

This insecticide is well packaged, in an aerosol can and a nozzle that
helps you spray the insecticide with precision.

Raid insect killer is available in shops around Nigeria. And costs
between N900 and N1000.

Buy Raid here for N956—

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