Rambo magic paper is an innovative technology that is safer than the liquid aerosol insecticides. It is the best, cheapest, safest and most effective mosquito killer for indoor use.

Just as the name describes it, Rambo magic paper is an insecticide in paper form. The paper is meant to be burnt slowly and the scent/fragrance from the burning paper makes mosquitoes, crawling insects and other flying insects uncomfortable, scaring them off.

The process is similar to burning mosquito coils, but unlike mosquito coils, the contents in the fumes of burning Rambo paper are not so dangerous. The fragrance too, isn’t harsh at all.

Rambo magic paper is sold in booklets, each booklet contains about six leaves of Rambo papers and the whole booklet costs less than N100.

To use…

Simply light a match and place the flame on one edge of a leaf of Rambo paper which has been folded into two. Blow out the flame and allow the paper to burn slowly thus sending off the sweet-smelling fumes which will scare away insects.

Safety precautions:

Ensure you place the burning paper in a metal container or any other container that is not flammable. Don’t place the burning paper inside a plastic or wooden container to avoid fire hazards.

Do not place the burning paper anywhere too close to the breathing space of the infants. The papers at just soft papers soaked/impregnated with some amounts of insecticide. Allowing infants to inhale the fumes directly may cause injury to the lungs.

Use the papers in well ventilated areas. A good fan will disperse the fumes well.


Rambo magic paper  insecticide is manufactured by Gongoni limited in Nigeria. The product is widely  available in Nigeria at a cheap price.


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