Well for me, I can manage with the Coackraches, however I become disorganized and easily irritated once I’m in a mosquito infested room. All the same, I don’t like cockroaches either, especially when they are in there large numbers.

Rambo insecticide

So it happened that all of a sudden, I discovered that the my whole house was crawling full with cockroaches (forget the mosquitoes, I sleep in a mosquito net,I also use mosquito coils). But these cockroaches were totally different, they were hungry and they invaded my kitchen with all the guts of a spartan army. Throwing night parties inside my containers of rice, beans and onions. Turning my toothbrush to a favorite barbecue spot and all such nonsense. 😟


I know what’s running through your mind, get an insecticide, yes, I did, I’ve been using Mobil for a while now, but after sleeping over at my friend’s home, I chose to get the brand she was using, Rambo insecticide. 

After a single use (I emptied the spray can at once as I descended on those poor idiots in my rage), I made a few observations. And they made me discover two unique properties of this product.

First, after spraying around my home, concentrating on the dark crowded corners and my waste bin. I left the house, and coming home the next morning, the scent of the insecticide was still slightly stiff in the air. That was the first, the second was the somewhat gory sight of cockroaches and ant carcasses(I never knew ants existed in my house) all over the place.

The second thing was the mild and sweet scent, almost like an airfreshner. Surprisingly I didn’t feel I was choking and I didn’t feel like vomiting, unlike the other brands, this particular scent flowed smoothly down.

So, that’s it for this review, there could be insecticides out there with these unique characteristics, but I’m yet to see any as cheap as Rambo. The product leaves up to its name, remember that popular movie of the 80’s featuring Sylvester Stallone? Rambo is ideal for getting rid of all kinds of flying, crawling, ‘walking’, ‘sliding’, ‘jumpin’, ‘running’, ‘climbing’ insects. Its available in 300ml, 500ml, 600ml aerosol spray cans.

Rambo insecticide spray is available in stores and supermarkets around Nigeria, below the price of N1000.  And if you have used it before, please do add more value to this post with your comments. I would love to read  them.


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