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Yeah, hello. How’s it going? I just want to talk a bit about BronzeTone, a skin formular I stumbled on recently. Well, I will have to confess, I hardly use body lotions and cream that much. I’m ok with my Vaseline, or if I’m seriously in the mood to use cream, I prefer pears. Well, that’s me. But I do have a good eye that watches out for the effect of body cream on other people.

My ear lobs became darker, my jaws turned brown, my knuckles, ankles, elbows and knees darkened. In my panic I thought I was bleaching with a hydroquinone product without knowing.

And so I just met this my neighbour, dark in complexion and bulky. She has a lot of chocolate skin. At first I thought it was I because I hadn’t seen her for a long time, but her skin was just looking so glossy. Almost like it had another shiny layer. I commented on it jokingly and she laughed. But deep within I wondered what happened. Until I found out the secret formular- don’t ask me how but it was BronzeTone.

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BronzeTone is a nice skin formulary with an amazing perfume that is strong and lasts leaves a lasting impression. It is very rich in cocoabutter and a lot of other important minerals that maintain you skin texture and appearance. It is a nice product. Or so I thought, until I tried it out for myself. Ouch! For the first time, I saw black spots on my face. My ear lobs became darker, my jaws turned brown, my knuckles, ankles, elbows and knees darkened. In my panic I thought I was bleaching with a hydroquinone product without knowing.

I had to think deep, and then I found the problem . The Cocoabutter. Cocoabutter has amazing effects on a skin that has a dark color. But hey, don’t use it on your skin if it lighter. And so, BronzeTone being rich in cocabutter may have had nice effects on my neighbour’s dark skin, the side effects of dark spots and dark knuckles wouldn’t be that visible on hers unlike mine.

But all the same, my skin still looked fresh and smooth, atleast for the first one week. Everyone commented on the scent of the cream and the way it blended with my Explore perfume. But the dark spots? No way! Even old scars I have that I thought had started fading seemed to be coming back. I don’t know, but that was just my experience and how I felt. As I said before, it all depends on your color. For some skin colors, the product  may really have no visible effect.  Especially for really dark peoole. However, if your son is resistant to the side effects of Cocoabutter, try BronzeTone. Or better still, blend it with sheabutter or some other complexion unifier. Check out ClearEssence soap. 

BronzeTone is ok, the quality meets the price as long as it works for you. It costs about N1,000+. Depending on your location.

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