Do you love processed tomato puree? Well, it’s commonly called Tin tomato in Nigeria. If you do, then you’ll surely love this one. It is a product from Gino, that is quite popular, the magic sachet tomato 🍅 puree that contains a blend of organic pepper and onions flavour.

If you’ve experienced it, you’ll understand that there are certain ‘tough times in Nigeria when fresh tomatoes are so scarce that they are highly treasured. Times when the cost of making a pot of tomato stew sky rockets. During these seasons, tomato puree brands(tinned, canned, bottled, whatever) have saved us from embarrassing times.

Gino a popular tomato puree brand in Nigeria introduced the product, to add more value to your tomato paste at a cheaper cost. Yeah, not just tomato paste, but a lot of pepper and a little onions too.

Be careful when cooking with this product though, the pepper content is quite high, and if you don’t reduce the amount of added pepper , you could end up cooking just pepper and tin tomato 😂😂😂😂. However, it is a really nice product, I’ve tried before, several times, infact I prefer the pepper flavour to normal ground pepper. The pepper flavour is the closest to fresh organic pepper and I really love fresh pepper.

I don’t really like tin tomato that much, due to it’s side effects. I talked about these effects here. But what I like about the product is the fact that it is in sachets not tins. I don’t just like canned/tinned stuff when I have to use it to cook. The product is relatively new, but it is getting really popular. It is also cheap too. A sachet goes from not more than N100 and the quantity of puree is quite sizeable, just as much as the normal Gino sachet tomato paste.

And yes, I forgot, no I didn’t, because it has magic attached to it doesn’t mean it does all the cooking for you.  Please if you love onions, consider adding more to your food. The onions in the paste is just flavour, overshadowed by pepper. Have a nice day!

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