Some of life’s best moments are while we are asleep. You anticipate the moment when you can lay your head down on your pillow and have that long night’s rest and then comes that irritating sound similar to the sound of a plan with very small engine. You try to ignore it  but all of a sudden the noise stops and the you feel that sting on your skin, instinctively your palm moves with force to slap that area hoping to crush that thing.

Mosquitoes are very annoying creatures that really don’t do much good. They carry a lot of diseases but the most common is the deadly ‘malaria’ . In Africa and Nigeria we are used to coming up with different ways to fight mosquitoes and one of them is the use of repellants.

Repelling cream

A repelling cream, simply repels this irksome creatures. It doesn’t kill them, but they don’t like it either. So they stay off . Some repelling cream will not actually keep them off, but will mask the odor from your skin and which mosquitoes use to track you. In the price, it’s like you’re being hidden from mosquitoes in plain sight.

Odomos repelling cream

Odomos is a repelling and works by covering the odor your skin emits even the carbo (IV) oxide odor, and in the process shields you from being seen by mosquitoes.

Odomos guarantees you a high degree of protection from mosquitoes. Not just indoors but outdoors too. Most insectides , sprays, coils and nets might only give you protection indoors or within enclosed spaces, but a repellant cream like Odomos will give you protection even outside.

You’re also guaranteed protection from not just night mosquitoes, but those pilots that fly in the broad daylight (smile). One thing that sets Odomos repellant aside is that it doesn’t contain any deadly chemicals that oil mosquitoes. It’s very clean. And is guaranteed not to cause any side effects on your skin.

Usually I prefer having Odomos in my kitchen when I know I’m traveling to anyplace that will have a huge population of mosquitoes or if I will be sleeping in an open place. My experience has been great.

Odomos is one repelling cream that is readily available around. It’s more popular than any other one. Odomos is a product of the Dabur brand and it is endorsed by National Integrated Medical Association. A single tube of Odomos cream costs about N1000.

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