It is no news that power supply is epileptic in Nigeria and Nigerians have had to resort to power generators for their power needs. Of course this means that the market for generators is really huge and so there are quite a lot of generator brands in Nigeria. In this post we’ve compile a review of top generator brands in Nigeria. Read on…


      HONDA is a top brand in Nigeria, and their generators are all four stroke engines. Honda has a wide range of products to suit a variety of needs. Honda Generators a generally efficient, durable and easy to maintain. They also cheap too. Power ratings available in Nigeria start from 1.6 Kva.


      SUMEC FIRMAN is the preferred choice for homes and small businesses. It is strong, durable and efficient. Its main strength is its ease of use as it comes with both a key starter and a recoil system(rope). It also has AVR, circuit breaker and oil alerts. SUMEC FIRMAN is available in Nigeria starting from 1.3Kva. Downsides: consumes much fuel, noisy.


    HAIER generators are very efficient and specially built to supply backup power for long periods on a single fuel fill up. Some of them are equipped with internal high capacity fuel tanks that can serve for really long periods, independent of the main fuel tank. They also record a good rating in fuel economy. HAIER generators are available from 2.0-6.5KVA power rating.


TIGER generators are from a Chinese brand. The brand is popularly known for its line of generators -TG950 popularly known as I-pass-my-neighbour. This brand has served millions of homes in Nigeria for decades. It is highly affordable and really fuel efficient. It is also easy to maintain and spare parts are easy to find. It is available starting from the 800KW mark.


ELEMAX is another durable product. Most ELEMAX generators run on a four stroke Honda engine, with regulators, circuit breaks and the option of either a recoil starter (rope and grip) or a key starter. You could also have a recoil starter manually installed by a technician very easily. ELEMAX is specially built to serve small business and can easily be carried about. ELEMAX generator sets are available starting from 2.2KVA to 7.0KVA


Elepaq generators are cost effective power sets for your home or small business. It comes with adjustable features to suit various needs. They’re  fuel efficient, but not so reliable and really noisy. One good thing is that they are really affordable and are not so expensive when it comes down to maintenance and fixing.  They are built to serve serve several needs. Elepaq generators range from as low as 800KW to 10KVA.


Yamaha generators are known for their low noise pollution and fuel economy. They are also built to serve homes and small businesses. Available products start from 2.2KVA. There is also the 5.0KVA line.

    So that’s it for the top generator brands in Nigeria, please express your satisfaction with this post through the comments below. Don’t forget to share too.

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