It is not uncommon to see rough looking male hawkers selling the biscuits on the streets. Infact, the number of hawkers selling Pure Bliss biscuits is now more that the number Hawking gala and mint bubble gum.

There are three products in the Pure Bliss line and the three of them are thickly enriched with creamy goodness. From the creamy wafers to the cream cookies and even the chocolate biscuits can be left out. Recently, Pure Bliss wafers and cream cookies have replaced every other cream biscuits on my list of preferred snacks. In fact, for me, in terms of quality, only cream crackers comes close to any one of the three types of the brand.

Pure Bliss wafers, is almost like most wafers. I say almost, because it actually beats most wafers that I’ve eaten. It contains more cream, it is soft and really crispy. Leaves a lingering taste in your mouth that makes you wish you could have more. A single packet weighs about 45g and is made up of

Pure Bliss Milk Cookies

Weighs about 75g.

The softest, creamy biscuits to be sold at such a price. Pure Bliss Milk Cookies is made of round, flat, soft cookies  heavily loaded with milk cream. It was the last in the line of Pure Bliss product to be launched (late last year). And so far, it is the best for me. It can go with any soft drink or juice, or could be eaten alone. Or you could just have it for breakfast, dip the cookies one by one into a bowl of dissolved milk, close your eyes and swallow spoonfuls of the good stuffs.

There are about a dozen number of round, flat cookies arranged neatly in each packet to form a cylindrical structure.

Pure Bliss Choco

Weighs about 55g.

If you’ve eaten speedy biscuits, and you enjoyed it as a child, then Pure Bliss Choco will make you remember those old memories. Pure Bliss biscuits is your normal, hard crust biscuits with a thick chocolate flavour. It stands out from the other two, because there isn’t anything creamy or milky about it. Just chocolate. To really enjoy this biscuit, combine it with groundnuts and Coca-Cola soft drink. Preferably Coke or Sprite.

These products are really nice and you should try them. The only problem is that , just like every other product in their class,they contain preservatives and added sugar that may not be good for everyone. As a result, please be careful while consuming.

Pure Bliss biscuits, are perfectly okay for kids, especially school children. It will really be a good idea to make it a standard for their lunch-pack, the milk content will help your them a lot.


Overall, the brand delivers premium quality and offers a milky, creamy experience. The line is a sub-brand of OK Foods Nigeria.

In most locations in Nigeria, Pure Bliss is available, usually at a standard price of N100 for a packet (for all three types). However, I’ve seen retail stores that sell for as low as N85.00. Anyway, try it out if you haven’t, and for those who have, leave a comment and tell us if you like it.

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