Right Guard is a brand of ‘speed stick’ deodorants and antiperspirant to protect men against a range of body odours and perspiration. Established by Gillette corporation, Right Guard was acquired by the Dial corporation arm of Henkel(a multinational chemical company).


               Right guard deodorant

Right guard is a powerful deodorant, capable of providing protection from body odor for over 24 hours. Its fragrance is solid and lasts as long as its antiperspirant effect. Right guard is a cool option for men living in hot towns, or if you sweat a lot.

The body removes a bulk of its waste through sweat, and ofcourse people who live in hot areas will tend to sweat more often. The sweat around your armpits(especially) decomposes in no time, giving out a foul odor, which could be repulsive to people around you. Well, maybe you don’t mind, but such a thing reduces my confidence level.

Right guard is the best combination of antiperspirant and deodorant I have seen at an affordable price. Right guard antiperspirant is an invisible stick deodorant. Which has the advantage of not leaving whitish marks, compared to the liquid roll on from other brands. The stick has a  soap like structure, but can be rolled out from under the container by turning a cap.

From experience, right guard could take you through the whole day, through the night and up till the afternoon of the following day, still keeping your armpits dry and free from odour. Right Guard Speed Stick® is available in supermarkets and stores around the country and should cost below N2000. I got mine for N1300. Despite the fact that that its for men only, right guard could also be used by ladies, without any effect at all. That is if the lady doesn’t mind the almost manly scent of the deodorant.

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