About a year  ago,  WhatsApp introduced ‘statuses’ (a feature that was copied from Facebook).  This is a feature that let’s you post brief 30 seconds videos,  photos,  GIFs or text update that disappear  after 24 hours.

If you’ve been using this feature,  I know you must have on several occasions wished you could save those nice statuses from your contacts unto your phone permanently. This is how to do it.

First… Remember that saving people’s  WhatsApp  statuses  unto your device permanently,  voids your initial agreement with WhatsApp which you okayed while you were installing the app.  But if you insist, no problem.


Download ES Explorer from Google playstore. ES explorer  is one of the most powerful tools in android playstore and you will be using it here.

Install ES Explorer.  Open it.  At the top left of the app-screen,  tap the options button or slide from left to right,  to reveal the options and tools of the app.

Go down to the option: System hidden files

You may be required to unlock this option by installing an app. Never mind. Go on and install,  then come back and unlock  the option.

Check the option to ‘turn it on’.

Go to ‘internal storage’

Tap on it to open up your folders

Go to ‘WhatsApp’ >>> Media

In the first folder,  you should find is .statuses folder.  Open it and you’ll  find all statuses by your contacts.

To save a status,  copy the selected status from the . statuses folder and paste in a preferred  folder of your choice.  C’est finish.  It would be in your phone even after the status is deleted automatically. You can access the saved status by visiting the folder.


Go to your phones file manager

Go to WhatsApp>>>Media

Go down and look for three dots arranged vertically,  tap and select the option “show hidden files”.

Your WhatsApp’s . statuses folder will appear.

Copy the the statuses you want and transfer them to another  folder.

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