Airtel is one network that has more subscription bundles than others. Different types. From 2G huge data, to social and even the main stream bundles. Airtel has them. But the blackberry subscription for smartphones is somewhat very popular because it claims to offer more for less.

The truth is, you’re not the one who is gaining. Airtel gains more than you do and at your expense too. Airtel charges you be almost double of the amount of data you consume. In other words, when you consume 100 megabytes, Airtel actually charges you and deducts about 180 megabytes. And so if you bought 3.5GB data for N2500, just know you actually bought 2GB for N2,500.

It is an observation I made across a lot of Airtel lines and subscribers who actively use Airtel bundle. I’ve also tried experimenting with 9mobile and discovered that while 9mobile data plans might not be as cheap as Airtel’s and Glo, however, they strictly charge you the amount you have spent. And they don’t have any blackberry plans working on Android phones.

So it means one thing, the Airtel BLACKBERRY bundle that promises you more for less is a scam. On a normal,Airtel actually charges a little more than your consumed data, I mean for Android plans, but the cheating is worse on blackberry subscription plans.

Well, it is just an observation I made. And I may be wrong or right. That is why I need your contribution and comments. Please leave a comment to talk about your experience using data bundles on the major mobile networks in Nigeria.

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