Let me guess, you are reading this page now because you consume or used to consume green tea. Or maybe you probably know someone who takes the stuff.

Yeah, despite the warnings from health practitioners on the dangers of excessively taking green tea, these brands will never stop making you feel like if you don’t take green tea or slimming tea or whatever tea that has any shade of green you’re not alive.

Going green is the key, this how they brands sell the products and we bought both the product and the quote. Not until, some people decided to find out what is gree in the tea that makes it the key, and then the black side of the green is unveiled. Green tea has side effects. Believe it.

First, let’s talk about the ‘green’ side

Green tea is considered is the healthiest beverage on Earth right now. Very true. Green tea has been found to aid brain activity and keep you alert during work hours, it has also been discovered that consumption of green tea can help reduce the risk of liver cancer.

Green tea is also a major constituent of most weight-loss diets. And as a beverage, green tea is supposed to be consumed between 2-5 times daily for proper effect. Especially for people following a weight-loss guide.

But you see…


Nothing is just too good without a bad side. Regular consumption of green tea is good, but too much of everything is bad right? Now let’s see what happens when you consume green tea excessively.

Too much caffeine

Green tea, just like every other tea contains caffeine. Yeah the caffeine keeps you alive but regular intake cause insomnia, nervousness, anxiety, ability to focus. These are some of the side effects of green tea’s caffeine content.

Stomach problems

From indigestion, to stomach ache to serious gastro-intestinal issues. Green tea, especially the caffeine content could be a big culprit. Caffeine increase the amount of acid secreted into the digestive process. This could cause pain. Green tea is believed by a lot of people to reduce the risk of cancer , but that is yet to be clearly proven.

Other problems:

Green tea can effect a plethora of other problems including:

  • Increase stress levels
  • Headaches(thanks to caffeine again).
  • Dizziness
  • Reduced Iron levels(Iron deficiency).
  • Nausea(constant vormiting)
  • Running stomach


Green tea isn’t all that bad, there is a possibility that consuming green tea can protect your liver from cancer by helping it detoxify everything that comes from your digestive system.

But it is advisable to take it with caution. Taking green tea 3-7 times a day isn’t ideal. No matter the temptation. For people who want to lose weight, it is better to back it up with a good workout programme. And avoid adding supplements to Green tea. It will do more harm than good. Also be careful of what you eat with green tea. Iron rich foods are not all that idea for people who take green tea a lot.

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