On Tuesday last week, GUINESS Nigeria Plc introduced their latest product in to the market- Malta Guinness Herbs Lite. The drink was introduced as an extension of the Malta GUINESS line with the addition of herbal extracts in a low sugar mixture.

      While speaking at the launch, Guiness Nigeria brand director  Mr. Ndegwa, said that the brand was currently working towards ensuring that atleast 75% of the raw materials for the drink will be sourced locally. He also added that the introduction of the new drink was not only an effort to add to the choices of Nigerians but to also offer a healthier alternative with its herbal extracts and I’ll ow sugar.

    The Malta Guiness Herbs Lite, by virtue of its low sugar formular is the first really low sugar malt drink ever introduced on Nigeria. Malta Guiness Herbs Lite is made with a blend of well sourced top quality ingredients, including sorghum, maize flour(fermented) and a group of herbal and fruit extracts plus 8.6 grams of sugar.

    The Malt drink was introduced by the brand for Nigerians to have a healthy option added to their choice of malt drinks. And to moderate the sugar intake of the public. Malta Guiness Herbs Lite comes canned or bottled, whichever is your choice. The content volume for both is 300ml. The canned drink type will be sold for N130 while the bottled drink will be sold at N120

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