Indomie instant noodles crept into the Nigerian market 28
years ago, and since then has maintained a monopoly-like dominance.
Forget the fact that right now there are also 16 or so other noodle
brands active in Nigeria, yet indomie hasn’t released its grip as the
no1 family noodles.

You may ascribe this to the fact that they came into the market
first, so in a way they have more ‘market experience’. Others are of
the opinion that it is as a result of its ever innovative
advert(especially the sing along jingles).

Between 2005 and 2016 over 15 different noodle brands have
been introduced into Nigeria. Many may wonder where the ‘other’
brands are. Well true, apart from Indomie, Tummy Tummy, Golden Penny,
Dangote, Honeywell and Chiki(already fading), you will need to look
hard to find other ‘silent brands’ like Doyin,Mimee, UNO, Star,
Niccus, Cherie, Mc Chew. Well, of course except you go to a chinese
restaurant and request for such.

So far, Nigeria’s noodle consumers have tasted, tested and
given their opinions on these brands. And from general consumer
rating,Indomie still remains no1, followed by kiddies yum-Tummy Tummy
and the the ‘improved’ Golden Penny. The rest follow on the trail.

All these and market dominance aside, let’s take a look into the
serving quality of the top three noodles, Indomie, Tummy Tummy and the
‘improved’ Golden Penny. These could could help us know which brand is
heading into the right direction

Golden Penny was introduce about 7 years ago from the stables of
Golden Pastas, despite the strong market share of Golden Penny in
spaghetti, it didn’t stop consumers from shaking their heads at the
low quality product. And it looked like the noodles was going to fade
as it came. But improvements have been made over time, and from
indications and my own evaluation, Golden Penny is ready to fight for
a share of the market.

New improvements have been made on the quality of the noodles
and the spice attached. The all-flour-and-starch taste has been
reduced so much, and the flavours of the spices are now more dominant.
Another good thing here, is that the spices are still in their fine
powdery form when they get to the final consumer. No more clogging and
clumping of the spices. Then above all, more value for money. Golden
Penny is now the cheapest high quality noodles. All the improvement
made on the noodles did not increase the price of the product by an

There are still a few things though, Golden Penny noodles
are difficult to cook without that dry taste when it gets done. When
cooked, it actually softens, but behaves like it did not absorb water.
So much unlike indomie that softens with just some steam. This means
that you would have to keep the noodles on fire for a longer time than
usual, and then keep on stirring it in some good quantity of water. If
you can do this without getting the whole thing water -logged, good.

Tummy Tummy is one brand of noodles that Nigerians will continue to
love because of its uniqueness. Its addition of dehydrated vegetables
is a plus to nutritional value. Not just that, Tummy Tummy spices are
also well flavoured and strong. From my own evaluation, Tummy Tummy is
one of the noodles that can be enjoyed on its own, without the
addition of external ingredient(well except for those who care much
about scrambled eggs).

One snag in Tummy Tummy noodles is that the spices do not mix
that easily with the noodles. There is always the tendency for the
spices to stay apart from the noodles. This is apart from the fact
that most times, the spices clump together, like they want to form
some sort of Maggi cube. And, Tummy Tummy easily soaks up water.

Indomie, on several occasions has proved to be the most
innovative noodle brand. At a time when the market seemed choked up
with a confusing variety of noodles, indomie has continued to be well
ahead of competition. Despite the fact that over time, quantity per
unit has so much reduced in the average instant noodles pack, but
quality has been the same. One thing left anyway, is for indomie to
plagerise Tummy Tummy by introducing the dehydrated vegetables into
its meal pack. That would add much value to its original chicken
flavour. And maybe, they need to reduce the salt content of its
spices. Better still, replace it with pepper. The salt is just too
much. A lot of people complain about not enjoy indomie without adding
a good quantity of Cameroon pepper. Not to blame them anyway, the
noodles themselves are almost tasteless, all starch. And the spices
are not strong enough.

But one big problem, I have with Indomie is the rate at which
its price jumps. Indomie is one product that reacts to inflation
faster than any other food item. Even bread is no match. And it
always has this annoying habit of going up in price and never coming
down. I (and so many other nigerians) prefer buying Tummy Tummy N50
pack to Indomie N50 pack which is way smaller and lighter. And right
now in most places, Indomie doesn’t have a N60 pack anymore. It is now
N70. So it can be assumed that in terms of quantity, one would get
more value for money from other brands and still the quality wouldn’t
be bad at all. For now.

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