Cool morning! And have you taken your bath? Few days ago I decided to make a change from No1 soap to something else. I just felt I had used one particular soap enough, so I got a native Nigerian black soap. No, no, no, the made-in-Nigeria campaign is still on, so I didn’t get a foreign soap. The soap I got was Dudu Osun.


Actually the last time I saw this soap was way back in elementary school, and I didn’t even know the name, so when I saw the name written on the pack, my natural reflex was to mispronounce it. So Juju… err.. Dudu Osun Black soap. I’ve used it about six times already. So far so good, it is not bad. Just as long as you use it for the right skin.

First of all…

The soap itches the face if you happen to have rashes or acne on your face. The best solution is to keep the soap, water from the soap and even soap suds miles away from your face. The very first day I used it, my face reacted seriously to it, itching and stinging. Especially in areas where I had pimples. But that is for the face, nothing happened to other areas of my skin.

Second of all…

If you are looking to this soap to keep your face fresh, sorry, the soap doesn’t just do that. It is just a powerful cleaning agent, and nothing else. Even multipurpose soap bars like klin and B29 keep the skin fresher than this soap. After itching my face for five minutes, I wasn’t surprised to look in the mirror and my face was looking darker than before. There is just no skin brightening power in the soap.

Third of all… No fragrance…

 For me, fragrance is an aspect of a good soap I love. Apart from that natural ‘smell’ the soap comes with by nature of its ingredients… The soap has no attractive fragrance attached. So don’t expect to use the soap and bank on its scent to smell good without spraying on some perfume. 

Dudu Osun is the agelong African black soap made by hands, with secret recipes passed down by mouth through generations. But I know the soap is make from smoked(fairly burnt) palm which is ground to ash in honey and palm kernel oil. A few herbs are added but it contains no preservatives and is biodegradable. No artificial flavors or colors too.

I would advice you to go for milder, more refined soaps if you skin reacts to harshly alkaline soaps. However, I haven’t been able to confirm stories that the soap cures dermatological problems(skin issues), like inflammation. But its Shea butter content which much higher than what you find in other soaps could mean the soap will be a perfect option for dark skinned persons. Shea butter helps maintain ebony skin, keeping it shiny.


  • Pure honey
  • Shea butter
  • Camwood
  • Palm kernel oil
  • Cocoa
  • Palm bunch ash
  • Aloe vera(a new addition)
  • Lime
  • Water
  • A little fragrance from natural sources


The soap is manufactured industrially by Tropical Naturals Ltd. Located in Ikeja-Lagos, Nigeria. The soap is made in Nigeria and widely available in Nigeria. Right now it costs between N200- N250. Formally it was N150 though. Please tell me if you have used this soap or something like it. Send in yoir opinions with the comment box and share please!

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