Sardines are nutrient-rich fish based food mostly consumed by
humans. They usually come in tightly sealed cans. But some fresh
sardines may come grilled or smoked. Sardines provide plenty of
essential nutrients, earning them a place in a “Diabetes Forecast”
list of five super foods
you should be eating.

Titus is the most consumed sardine in Nigeria. Titus is a
brand of tasty sardine, heavily rich in proteins, vitamins and
minerals. One serving of titus sardine can provide you with as much as
13% of Vitamin B2 and about 150% Recommended Daily Value of Vitamine
B12. These two classes of vitamins mentioned are very important for
maintaining the nervous system.

Also, titus sardine contains a lot of other nutrients
including phosphorus, calcium, and traces of iron. It also contains
very generous quantities of Omega-3 fatty acids. Which serve to reduce
the chances of cardiovascular diseases and also boosts brain

Titus Sardines affords you the opportunity to have and use
nutritious whole sardines packed in
vegetable oil in your meals. It is high in protein and it is a perfect
accompaniment for any meal. Can be used in a variety of ways in
salads, rice meals, beans meals, stews, gravies, soups, sandwiches,
and a whole lot of other meals as you chose.

Ingredients/Contents of Titus Sardines in Vegetable Oil.

Calories. 260 Kcal (1089 kJ)

Calories from fat. 162 Kcal

Total Fat. 18g (28%)

Saturated Fat. 3g (15%)

Cholesterol. 135mg (45%)

Sodium. 480mg(20%)

Protein. 23g (46%)

Vitamin A. 0.8mg (27%)

Iron. 2.7mg (15%)

Calcium. 350mg (35%)

Titus sardine fish is soaked in very nutritious, low cholesterol
vegetable oil.

Size — 125g

No of fish— 2

Flavour- Strong fish flavour

Water content— negligible.


Titus sardine is canned under very hygienic conditions, but on rare
occasions, its packing may come with deformation and imperfections.
Please do not consume if the can is leaking, dented or rusted. Titus
sardine is available all around Nigeria, and is costs between N170 and

SIMILIAR PRODUCTS- Santa Maria, Anna sardines.

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