At the office, you may have a full suite of apps on your desktop PC that keep you running. But what if you had a similar suite on your smartphone or tablet? So many businesses aren’t aware that with a few taps and app downloads, you can have all this software packages available on your desktop. The following apps listed are a must for every business, and they are free too!

Microsoft Office for tablets.

        Microsoft office users can now have an efficient duplicates of the powerful suite right on their tablets. The new Microsoft office for tablets is a free and improved full featured version of the first android office suite. Its optimizes of android devices with larger screens and looks a lot like the full desktop version. Right down to the icons. It also syncs perfectly with Google’s one drive. Which means you can access your documents anytime, anywhere and from any device. However the suite is available for android tablets alone. Support for smart phone a isn’t available yet.

Google Docs

     This is probably the best productivity suite for android. Google’s own office suite features a word processor- Docs, a spreadsheet editor-sheets and a presentation maker- Slides. It’s free too. Google Docs is easy to use, even better than Microsoft office for android. It also integrates with the office suite on your PC. Which means you can start work on your desk and end up completing the job with your smartphone.


       This app is a notepad from Microsoft, and beats all its competitors in performance. It may not be as versatile as EverNote, but it is user friendly, syncs with OneDrive and Microsoft accounts. It performs  better on stylus supported android devices. Such as Samsung’s galaxy note pads. With the stylus, notes could be written by hand, and you could sign a typed document with a hand written signature.


     Checking your phone for text messages could really distract you from work on your PC. That’s where Airdroid comes in. Download the AirDroid unto your android smartphone and install the desktop client unto your PC. You can read and reply texts, view call logs, remotely access your smartphone while still focusing on the big screen in front of you.


     This is an excellent scheduling and event management app on android. Its excellent features are spectacular and easy to use. With a few taps you can plan your events months ahead, and the reliable reminder is always at hand. There are also a few other business features like scheduling a meeting and inviting guest without leaving the app.


    There is no video conferencing app available that beats Skype. Meet up with clients and staff without really meeting them. Attend meetings, hold seminars and conferences without a capacity event venue.

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