A recent survey revealed that eight (8) out of ten(10) nursing mothers use disposable diapers and that new fathers spend almost half their monthly income on diapers😂.

       OK, let’s assume you’re an expectant mother(problem is, I’m not one😂) or even a nursing mother, with the array of diapers brands in the market and a variety of tips from your friends, what brand of diapers do you think could be OK for you precious champion? And you should be aware of the fact that the brand that worked fine for all six(6) babies of your neighbor may not just be fine with your baby. This is true because disposable diapers have this (rather annoying) way of selecting babies to work perfectly on. And so, a mother may use a particular brand on her first child without problems, but the same brand will not just work well on her other babies. I’m not saying this is the case all the time, but most times its just what happens.

         There are a few problems a mother may encounter when using a brand of diapers on her baby. They could be one or more than one including:

  • Constant leakage from the sides of the diaper      

  • Skin irritation Skin burning, rashes and skin de-colouration.

  • Sizes not fitting well for a particular baby.


If any of these happens, its well advisable to change the brand of diapers you are using.

       There are quite a number of diaper brands available in Nigeria(all are foreign made), but there quite a few that could be ranked as top best selling. These best selling diapers are from the follow brands: Pampers, Huggies, hope, vibelle and toujours. Let’s take a look at them.


       This was my sister’s favorite for her second baby. This particular diapers features tight(but still comfortable) clips that hold the diapers in one place well enough to keep it from falling even when your baby is crawling all over the compound. It also features very flexible back sheet that keeps your baby really comfortable even when he/she is standing, bending, climbing or just cruising! Pampers cruisers come in sizes 3,4,5,6 & 7. They are also very affordable.


      This diapers are crafted solely for the comfort and protection you your little baby. They feature breathable cloth-like backsheet and adjustable fasteners to to give the diapers a comfortable fit around your baby. The sides are also stretchy and overlap. This diapers are currently available in sizes Newborn,  1 and 2.

       Very much like pampers swaddlers, with wonderful features, including breathable and stretchy sides, to allow enough air reach the skin of your baby. It also features a wetness level strip down the center, which serves as an indicator to tell you when the diapers are due for a change. These diapers are available in sizes newborn, 1&2.

       This pampers are the ideal choice to keep your baby dry for a long stretch of time, allowing you to fix your mind on some other things. It features pampers’ UltraDry, which promises to keep your baby dry all through the night and for a large part of the day. It features an ultra absorbent core, stretch sides and adjustable side clips that ensure the pampers fit in properly. The clips can all be easily adjusted over a wide range. Pampers baby dry also have less bulk between the legs. This makes the diapers lighter and less of a nuisance to your baby’s movement. By far, pampers baby dry offers the best leakage protection. It is available in sizes 1 through to 6.


        The Huggies diapers brand is marketed by kimberly-clark, they were first introduced in 1978 to replace the original kimbies brand. Huggies was introduced into the Nigerian market a little above a decade ago. There two types of the Huggies brand that are very popular in Nigeria.


        Formerly known as gentle care, little snuggles is for infants(newborn) and available in step sizes of preemies, newborn , 1&2.

        Huggies little movers is designed for babies who have outgrown little smugglers sizes 1 & 2.
        Both diaper types under the Huggies brand are well optimized for your babies comfort, and maximum protection. Huggies diapers are a bit bulky in between the legs, but the little smugglers is way thinner and lighter than the little movers too.


      Ful name- Lidl Toujours. Toujours is a top brand that is a nice alternative for Huggies and pampers. So many mothers who have complained about pampers and huggies, have found the best solution in this German mad diapers. And they are also very affordable out there. The also took the MUMSNET awards for the best diapers of 2011 & 2012!

       Toujours disposable diapers are available in a range of sizes, including: Midi, Maxi, Junior size, Junior active plus.

         So that is it for today on most popular diapers in Nigeria, if you think this post was helpful you could just give us a nice rating, or make your suggestions through the comments. Our post isn’t complete without your opinion! 😀





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