Visit an average lube bay in any fuel  station in Nigeria and you will see more than 15 different brands of petrol engine oil. The brands are of different qualities and grades, their chances of performing or not will vary based on the compatibility of engines. In this post we have a list of the five synthetic engine oil brands popular among motorists in Nigeria.

Please note that some of these brands are applicable strictly to petrol engines while others are dual purpose(petrol and diesel).

1. Quartz Total Engine Oil.

       Quartz Total 9000 Energy 5W40 has been designed to meet the highest OEM requirements. Quartz Total 9000 5W40  is a tested and trusted dual purpose engine oil, serving both petrol and diesel engines.

Key features:

  • Increases engine life.
  • Prevents excessive internal wear.
  • Ensures longer drain intervals.
  • Enhanced detergent functions for effective cleaning.

Protects engine even at high temperatures.

2. Mobil SUP 1000 20W50 GSP motor oil.

      Key features:

  • Maximum protection.
  • Quality blend of minerals in oil.
  • Long serving.
  • Maximum cleaning functions.

3. MRS Premier Xtra Formula SAE 20W50

       Key features:

  • Premium engine maintenance.
  • High quality engine oil with high viscosity level.
  • Maximum engine protection.
  • Protection from internal wear.
  • Cleans up engines.

4. Forte Oil SYNTH 1000  Multi grade synthetic motor oil.

       Key features:

  • Maximum protection for modern vehicles.
  • Cleans up engines.
  • Protection against the most extreme conditions.
  • Can keep engine running for longer time.
  • Reduces engine downtime.
  • Eliminates frequent oil changes.
  • Compatible with many engines.
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5. Mile Master Motor Oil 5w-30

       Key features:

  • Increases fuel efficiency.
  • Curbs friction and cuts down heat.
  • Engine protection even at high temperatures.
  • Dissolves sludge.
  • Extends oil drain intervals and increases engine life.
  • Improves engine performance by 25%

 Castrol Edge, maximum power motor oil.

          Key features:
  • Engineered with high grade fluid titanium, ensures superior engine performance.
  • Reduces frequent metal contact.
  • Extends engine life and efficiency.
  • Dissolves and cleans off sludge.
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