More and more Nigerians are getting to use deodorants daily, especially the ladies. But in our bid to smell fresh and remain confident as we go about our daily routine under our beautiful weather, we sometimes subject ourselves to a number of side effects. Well, I’m not saying that using deodorants isn’t good, after all no one enjoys body odor coming from some other ‘body’. But let’s look at a few possible side effects of using deodorants.

They contain toxic stuff

Have you ever tried looking at the constituents of the average deodorant or antiperspirant? Trust me, if you weren’t attentive during chemistry class you would think you’re reading words written in Greek. Deodorants contain a whole lot of chemicals that could kill you if they were directly injected into your blood. Did I hear you say something about deodorants being used in the skin alone? Your skin has holes called pores and whether you like it or not those chemicals(not all of them, but enough) still manage to make it to the underparts of your skin.

… And toxic stuff could alter your hormones

A few of the chemicals found in strong deodorants and antiperspirants are known hormonal disruptors. In fact once you have seen any chemical name ending with -‘ paraben’, know you’ve seen a hormonal disruptor. The effect is that your endocrine functions, digestive, neural and a few other vital functions will be affected.

The could also irritate the skin!

The thin soft skin layer in your armpits is a sensitive one and breeding spot for bacterae. These bacteria could be woken up into action if you’re not careful with what you apply there. Besides this, some deodorants contain skin irritants like silica, the irritation may not be noticeable immediately, but remember the last time you scratched your armpits irresponsible in the morning after using deodorants the previous day. Even your favorite artificial fragrance could be a major culprit for this problem.

Besides sweating is healthy.

Contrary to your opinion, sweating is actually healthy. It is one way the body gets rid of a lot of rubbish without prompting you to wee. Through sweating, the skin and the body gets rid of toxic wastes, excess salt, regulates and cools down your body temperature . Even your sweat can kill certain bacteria on its own. Sweating regularly can help you flush out excess oils from your pores and prevent black spots and acne(pimples).

Overtime they lose their power

Yes, they become less effective overtime. Research has proven time and time again that the body adjust gradually to almost everything. With time you will discover your favorite deodorant isn’t so strong anymore, and so you’re forced to shell out more money for a better one.

They can stain clothes for Africa!

I still have a shirt with stained underarms, the effect of regular deodorant use. Researchers have tried to decipher what causes the stain on the underarms of deodorant users and the obvious culprit is the all important aluminium. Unfortunately aluminium is the real antiperspirant in you product. It is what blocks your sweat ducts, trapping the sweat underneath.

I almost forgot…They are expensive!

In this recession, foreign products are getting so expensive and deodorants are not left out. Your average deodorant costs twice more than a good toilet soap. The invisible stick brands like right guard cost more than the average daily budget of most Nigerian families.


You could just go all natural. Body odor is largely determined by what you eat and the hygiene-conscious efforts you make. Take a bath at least twice daily, dry your armpits completely, and apply some good powder there. Alcohol, spicy foods and caffeinated products make your sweat more conducive for bacteria that  feed on and decompose it, leading to the equally ‘spicy’ odor😂😂😂😂.

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