Android  7.0 and above add support for split-screen mode.  A feature that enables you multitask two apps on your screen at the same time,  side-by-side. With thr Android 7.0 split screen feature you can place two apps side by side on your screen and run them at the same time,  while interacting with them.

You don’t have to keep on switching from the overview/recent apps section to one app and then back to the recent apps and over to another app. You can keep a whatapp chat window open on your screen,  at the same time as you are composing an email with the Gmail app or writing a not on evernote app.

You can activate the split-screen feature on your phone in this way:

First,  understand that there are certain apps that will ‘refuse’ to display in split-screen mode. For these kind of apps (an example is Facebook),  you’ll need to ‘force them to display in a split screen’ from the developer options menu.

Open an an application.

Tap the ‘recents’ / overview button to open the window which shows you your recently used apps.

While still  on the recent apps section

Long press on an app’s title/ title bar and drag that app to the top of the screen. That app takes up the upper portion of the screen.

Below,  you can select another app to fill the lower portion.

To close an app,  for example to close the app thay occupies the upper half,  tap and hold on the black bar that demarcates the two screens,  drag that bar up,  to cover the upper screen.  You can also do the same for the lower screen.

To use the split screen you must have previously opened atleast two apps.

For apps that can’t display in split-screen:

Go to settings>> Developer options

Go down to ‘Force activities to be resizable’ and activate this option.

Restart your phone.  And try the steps above to display those apps in split screen.

To activate developer options:

Go to settings>>> About phone>>> Phone build

Tap on ‘phone build’ seven times.  You’ll get the message ‘you are now a developer’.  Go back to settings menu and you’ll  find the “Developer Options {} ” staring at you. 


Its a simple trick,  but I hope it was helpful. Please for questions,  don’t hesitate to use the comment box.

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