No one can escape dirty laundry and washing machines take the stress off from washing a heap of dirty clothes. They are big time money savers, but they are scarce in Nigeria, the reason is obvious. They are very expensive! Once you mention the idea of getting a washing machine to a young mother with a set of very playful kids, the first thing that comes to her mind is the huge amount of money the family will need to shell out for it. Truth is, just like a million other products, washing machines come in grades and they are categorized based on the number of features packed into a single unit. You can still get a quality well performing laundry unit for less, but it might not come with all the flashing features your next door neighbor’s might have. These post features the two most affordable washing machines I found online.

Polystar laundry machines

Polystar offers the most affordable featured laundry machines available in the market. Polystar PV-WD4.5K Top loder washing machine model is the perfect model, built to fit into the smallest available space and consume less power. It features a compact portable design, easy to move and occupies very little space. Its power consumption is low to, and unlike most washing machines, it doesn’t require a special power unit to be installed for it. This model is capable of handling all laundry needs of the average family in a very short time, running on low power, it handles all types of fabrics and features a powerful pulsator. No drier is attached to it. It is also also anti-rust and can maintain its beauty and colors for long.

Polystar washing machine is available for less thanN27,000. You can view prices on konga here

Qasa washing machines

Buy a Qasa washing machine, get an iron. View


This is another brand of cheap laundry machines. It has similar features with the polystar model, but the distinctive advantage is that it washes with less water. It also features an overload protection unit, and and an  anti-rust coating. It has similar power consumption ratings with the polystar model, and it is suitable for handling all kinds of fabric. Qasa washing machine is available in Nigeria for less than N30,000. You can buy it on konga here.

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