When WhatsApp, the world’s biggest messaging app got the ‘voice calling’ feature it became a matter of when the video calling feature will be launched. Well the wait is finally at an endpoint. WhatsApp has introduced the video calling feature into its android app. 

     Hey! Before you rush over to play store, the update is just available for the android beta app. Just like its last feature which enabled users to tag group members, the new update is a silent one, and not much noise has been made about it. The update is one available for users who have been invited on-board to test the beta version of WhatsApp.

      For users sampling the beta app, just like the voice call icon, the video call icon appears right beside every contact in their list and can be initiated by a single tap button. The other user receiving the call must also be using the beta app.  If the user at the other end isn’t using the beta app version, the call comes up at that end as a n normal voice call.

In may this year, the video call option was first introduced on WhatsApp beta but was discontinued for reasons best known to WhatsApp. Looks like Mark has done his homework and the app is back and better! 😂

     Every other thing remains the same in the new version of WhatsApp, but just in case you were not taken as a beta tester to test the new update, and you’re dreaming of what the video call option will look like or how it would work. Well, it won’t be far from viber, another top messaging application. On Viber you tap on the ‘free call’ button to initiate a call,and when the call connects, you can tap in the video button to chose the video call option, while at the same time the user at the other end taps on his/her video button so you can see them. Same with skype, just that for Skype(and WhatsApp too) you wouldn’t need to first initiate and audio call. You have the distinct options of a video call or audio call.

      What do you think about this upgrade? Have you been waiting anxiously for it??

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