Studies have revealed that over the years, about 200,000 Nigerians have been dying yearly from various forms and levels of food poisoning, and unhealthy cooking oil is one of them. The figure doesn’t stop here, because a lot more are suffering from several diseases. There are many avenues food can be contaminated, especially in a seriously under developed country like ours, there a million and one unchecked ways our food is constantly contaminated.

          Unbranded oil is packaged in used bottles and jerry cans. No content details are written on them. 

Day by day, Nigerians are buying and consuming more quantities of the most unhealthy form of unbranded vegetable oil. Get it, unbranded oil on its own is unhealthy, mainly due to high cholesterol and fat content. But what cannot be ignored is the unhealthy packaging. Unbranded cooking oil sold to Nigerians are packaged in old jerry cans, used bottled water cans, used plastic coca cola containers etc. And you shouldn’t forget that much of this packaging is done under unhygienic conditions and not just that, how clean are these containers. A used cocacola container can contain over 5 million germs sticking to the bottleneck alone(another 15 million or more exploring the bottom). Even thorough washing with hot water will only kill of a third of that amount. Leaving the rest to dissolve into the oil.

Of course, we can’t be blamed, things are expensive and branded cooking oil is one of them. Right now branded cooking oil  costs twice more than it did four years ago,  so it is even more difficult to get it now than ever. But quality and healthy choice should supercede every constraints. It is best to spend your money on quality, heart-safe cooking oil, NAFDAC registered, with its contents and constituents boldly spelt out. I strongly recommend these two brands PowerOil and Kings Cooking oil. They are the most trusted, most popular and cheapest brands in the market right now.

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