Coming fresh from the Cambridge Analytica scandal,  there are rumors that facebook might really consider making a paid ad-free version of the social network available. Last Tuesday,  during his five-hour long interview with US senators,  Mark Zuckerberg was asked if there could be a paid version of Facebook. In reply,  Mark hinted at the possibility of a paid version.  Mark said:

“There will always be a version of Facebook that is free”.

“It is our mission to try to help connect everyone around the world and bring the world closer together. In order to do that, we believe we need to deliver a service that everyone can afford.”

So if there always will be a free version of facebook,  then there could be a some space for a paid version. Probably.

Facebook is a social media platform that leverages on its massive userbase of about 2 billion users to make money by displaying ads that it thinks you might like.

Facebook makes about $9 dollars monthly from each user by targeting users with ads and about 98% of the $40 billion revenue generate in 2017 came from ads. So if Facebook is switching their business to another model,  then they will have to maintain this figures with prospects of higher ones.

So the question is,  would you pay for the privilege of using Facebook without seeing ads?  A survey on Recode shows that 77% of Americans will no pay for facebook. And 25% are ready to pay upto $10 per month to use facebook.

Analysis from TechCrunch shows that to come out with as much profit as normal,  facebook will have to charge each user about $13 monthly. But Facebook will be losing more because,  people who can’t afford to kick out those ads by paying will hate the ads the more. The ads could serve as a constant reminder that  they don’t have the cash to buy themselves freedom from Facebook’s data mines.

Would you pay for a facebook without ads?

For me? 

And I believe for most Facebook users,  especially Africans and  Nigerians ,  we don’t really care much about what facebook uses our data for?  And we don’t care or want to care about facebook serving us ads. Facebook  can serve me ads forever,  my senses have gained expertise at ignoring those ads and my eyes scroll past them even before my fingers do. A paid version won’t make any difference in a country where most people still enjoy a facebook on ‘free mode’ without pictures. A country where most users of the social network are not aware that facebook makes money from target advertising.

The point is,  The significance of whether facebook has a paid version or not,  starts and ends anywhere outside Africa. Or what do you think?




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